MORPH – Silent Cries

Verse 1 (Morph)

You know the pain of living without a father while he’s alive..
Seen a lotta guys takin drugs just to ease their minds, I just ..pray silently as I’m gawkin at the skies.. Energy low with high hopes that lord replies..
Been gone for too long I need to get my heart revived..
Maybe it’s my time, I really need to see variance..
Old lady frequently crying hopin I get my shit poppin …
Ma ng’ya zama, your pedagogy will never go unnoticed..
Striving for Magogo noAunt
I really love you mommy
Hope that sh*t’s appealing aurically..
But mina I’m just mad inkinga you ain’t been a part me..
All my saddest days were without you momma, honestly..
All this distance bothers me, happy moments seldom come
I swear it’s hard to make a way
If you ain’t got the source you need..
Nigga breathe
I need some grounds for feeling hopeful bout the future…
Noma ungay’shayi round I hope u know I love you too much

Hook: (No)
Thula mfana omncane uzunga khali
Get your hustle up ukhandi mali
Noma izinto zi bheda uzunga worry..
Beka konke kumdali..
Ngoba nguye owaziyo
Nguye umhlengi wezinto (x2)

Verse 2 : (CooleGun)
The pain of being a deadbeat father just drown my eyes,the rain and the shame hits harder in every night ,I’m always tortured by my thoughts, ngiy’sotsha fighting wrong wars,I suffer from my wrong choices,there’s voices making odd noises,now I’m on my knees praying for my needs, and im asking for forgiveness for my sins and all my corrupt deeds,and when my world gets darker ng’zam uk’ngasabi,coz I still hear my dead homie telling me I’m gonna shine, k’dala ney’mpintshi s’dukisan, s’loko sithi sfun izaka, it’s vanity over everything make niggas commit suicide, abanye baganga bagcine basala,fighting this hunger ngokudla udaka, nakhuNgi’shouta indaba lendlal nayo ivus ulaka,there ain’t no stoppin man,coz I’m broke and mad I won’t pretend,I hope u understand,im just a piece from a broken clan,I know I broke so many promises and broke so many hearts,growing up I had no mentor I was driven by my guts, Cause Where I’m from it’s an eye for an eye so, you can die for an IPhone cause your blood is your rival… I said where I’m from it’s an eye for an eye so you can die for an iPhone cause your blood is your rival

Hook : (No)

Verse 3 : (Oddity)
So what’s the conversation, do we talk pain?/
Or do we contain, some crazy things to be all sane/
I’m from the gutter where you’re coward if you complain/
The bottom is designed to be ours but it’s okay/
How do we hustle when your leaders put the red tapes?/
I’m Akon (air-con), I brought the light to spin around your fanbase/
So toe to toe we could go out for a fair chase/
Bak’thengis’ iskelem but never validate your purchase/
My approach is too expensive for your sentiments/
The love gets heavy when the hate is an impediment/
Cause I still hide the scars as an evidence/
The pain brought the anger but the stabbing brought intelligence/
I’m still out here, pickin’ at my peak time/
Talkin’ to my life like I never had some Me time/
I made some numbers, I’m too much I gotta pick one/
Your favorite is out yet he’s thinking that it’s still prime

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