S艂o艅 & Dope D.O.D. – Braindope

(Zwrotka 1: Jay Reaper)
Dipping in the night and we gone with the wind
Some rappers done died, man I鈥卍id鈥卛t again
Gettin’ them鈥厀ins, you be taking them L’s
If鈥卼his shit was the law, I would be president
Irrelevant, straight to the top man I be levelin’
You copy my style ’cause you be revenant
Again and again and again and again, man this shit never end
But I put an end to this shit if ya’ll nigga’s don’t quit I’m gon’ make me a list
Yeah you gon’ sleep with the fish, and found dead in a ditch, you don’t even exist
No mo’
Fuck (?) I give shits no more, fuck (?) I just rip that flow
Dope D.O.D. & S艂o艅 and Wombat, we are ready to get that dough

(Zwrotka 2: Wombat)
Alright brudda (?)
Man I’m heaps sick, no MC’s ever been iller
I’m a fiend for the cheap liquor
When I sink tins, but don’t get pissed if I bet bitter
Dig deeper and dream bigger
Dope D.O.D. & S艂o艅 on beat with a singular
Try putting me on show, nah
Bitch, I could have you spinning out like a G-Whizzer
(?) ’cause I been wit it
Wanna get the job done, mask on mask off
(?) can’t stop (?)
You hit a blunt like Elon Musk
Then pass on when I blast off, that’s SpaceX
Then I cast off ’till I’m Brain Dead
That’s Wombat’s with the Brain Dead

Brain Dead family, D.O.D army
Everywhere we go, we’re the ones you don’t wanna be
Brain Dead family, D.O.D army
Everywhere we go, we’re the ones you don’t wanna be

(Zwrotka 3: S艂o艅)
Gadka w偶arta w bit jak farba w panel
Ja nie zwalniam, znowu kat za majkiem
To m贸j standard, nawijam i zgarniam kas臋
艁apiesz? To BDF alma mater (surprise)

Wje偶d偶am jak analny gwa艂t
Tym smutnym cipkom si臋 dzi艣 zawali 艣wiat
Gdy gramy, pod klubem wyj膮 alarmy aut
A Dope’y na scenie robi膮 cannabis gang
Chcesz lajki i hype, chcesz hajs i laski
Chcesz by膰 super stary jak te Adidasy
Ja chc臋 tylko kurwa ci te wargi zaszy膰
W艂膮czam Skynet, to czas armii i maszyn
Nie spa膰, zwiedza膰, zapierdala膰
Scen膮 gardz臋 nadal, chc臋 karki 艂ama膰
Zr贸bmy napad na bank w czarnych balaclavach
Ostrze kata spada, suko shut the fuck up

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